Konjoin is a DesignTech organization providing Blockchain Technology & Consulting Solution to customers in various Industry domains globally. We are leveraging future technologies around Blockchain with expertise in platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Composer, Cello, Explorer, Ethereum, Solidity, GoLang & Corda to name a few.

Konjoin’s passionate team of blockchain engineers, who strongly believe in delivering value to the customers through innovation. Blockchain is a Future Technology. It is a decentralized technology which can be described as a distributed ledger. That means the ledger can be written onto with new information, but the previous information stored in blocks cannot be edited, adjusted or changed. This is accomplished by using cryptography to link the contents of the newly added block with each block before it, such that any change to the contents of a previous block in the chain would invalidate the data in all blocks after it.

Information held on a Blockchain exists as a shared and continually reconciled database. This is a way of using the network that has obvious benefits. The Blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records are kept are truly public and easily verifiable. No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt it. Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its data is accessible to anyone on the internet.

A global network of computers uses blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records transactions. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis. The forms of mass collaboration. By creating a new way to verify transactions aspects of traditional commerce practices.

There are 3 types of Blockchain: Public, Private & Consortium/Federated Blockchain.


The Blockchain is the future technology that enables the transfer of digital ownership in a decentralized and secured environment. Organizations who wish to secure and validate digital asset or verify a transaction and data, Blockchain is the technology for them.

  • Durability and robustness

  • Transparent and incorruptible

  • Cannot be controlled by any single entity

  • No single point of failure

  • Transactional

  • Disintermediation & Trustless Exchange

  • Empowered Users

  • High quality data

  • Durability, Reliability, And Longevity

  • Process Integrity

  • Transparency And Immutability

  • Ecosystem Simplification

  • Faster Transactions

  • Lower Transaction Costs

  • Traceable and Reliable Source of Truth

  • Boundar-Less Collaboration


  • Retail, Consumer Goods & Customer Services

  • Supply chain management

  • Human resources

  • Healthcare

  • BFSI

  • Media and Telecommunication

  • Manufacturing, Power and Utilities

  • Education

  • Publishing

  • Regulators

  • Cross Sector

  • Public Sector

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